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Powerpoints Installation

Each room should have enough powerpoints to supply power to your valuable electrical appliances. You should have enough outlets, so that you won't overload your wall sockets, and to GET RID Of your extension cables or power boards. 

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Switches & Dimmer control

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LED Downlights

LED downlight gives out more light than the traditional halogen downlight.

And it saves you money on electricity cost and maintenance cost. Good quality LED light globe can last up to 50, 000  hrs.  


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Ceiling Fan

 In Summer, when it's not hot enough to turn on your air- conditioning, but you want cool air to circulate you room.

Ceiling fan is the answer. 

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Smoke Alarm

It's madatory to install at least one smoke alarm in each level for multi-story house. We highly recommend you install smoke alarm in each bedroom and in hallway. 

     Have you installed enough smoke alarm to protect your family?

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Free-to-air Antenna

    We supply and install quality FTA antennas in Sydney. We can add additional TV outlets, fine tuned TV Antenna and install signal amplifier. 

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Switchboard upgrade

     Old Switchboard can be dangerous and may not be able to protect  your house effectively. We highly recommend you to upgrade your switchboard to automatic tripping devices if you still have the old fuses. 

The safety switch RCD ( Residual current devices) can protect people from electrical shocks and electrocution. It senses human contact with live conductors, and then it cut off the power by itself in a fragment of a second. It's now mandatory for all the new house to equip with such devides. 

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Air Conditioning

     We provide quality air conditioning installation services in Sydney. We can also supply + install air conditioning unit. 

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Domestic Electrical Projects

 We provide quality electrical services to builder's or owner builder. We can help to build your dream home. We specialist in single house, Duplex, Townhouses, units. We specialise in general electrical, lighting & power, data cabling, alarm system, intercom, Aerial & TV antenna. The complete package at a reasonable price. 

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Data & Telephone

We specilize in data cabling and installation. 


  Why run cable when you have Wi-Fi??

     When too many electronic devices all connected to a single wi-fi at the same time, the wi-fi network become unstable and slow. That's one of the reason why people sometimes experience drop-out and slow internet speed at home.  

     That's why most of the offices don't use wi-fi, they run high speed network cable to all of the computers, to establish a strong, secured and high speed network. If you want a better network at home, we highly recommend you to have data cable to smart TV, printers & computers. 

  What to do with NBN (National broadband network)?

     NBN is the high speed internet which will be soon brought to your home in Sydney. To get NBN ready, we recommend you to have high speed CAT 6 data cables to your smart TV, Printers & computers. 

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